Did you know that couples have a combined potential for pregnancy about 7-10 days each month?

It's true.

Have you been told that women can't reliably monitor their fertility? That the truly responsible method of family planning is hormonal birth control pills or an IUD?

Have you been told there's no such thing as "natural birth control" and that if you try to work with your body's fertility, you'll end up pregnant in no time?

Do you believe the misconception that women can fall pregnant any day of the cycle? 

The culture of birth control has made it seem that sex can come without strings. "Just pop a pill and your fertility will be managed!" 

But at what cost?

Weight gain. Lost libido. Acne. Mineral deficiencies. Hormonal imbalances. Infections & disease.

No, I'm not referring to the side effects of many reproductive issues. I'm talking about common side effects of hormonal birth control.  

You need a better way to plan your family.

How about a method that is...

100% natural and up to 98% effective. Works with your fertility. Supports your overall health. Creates open communication with your spouse. Invites God into the conversation. 

Hi, I'm Mairead!


I'm a former competitive Irish dancer trained in sports medicine and fertility awareness. I've taught over 200 women and couples FEMM for health, cycle-based living, and family planning.

I teach FEMM for health because it supports the normal, physiological processes of the reproductive system: ovulation, conception, and pregnancy. 

Cycle-based living is the cherry on top! By paying attention to how your hormones affect your energy, moods, and interests, you can plan your life in a way that supports your cycle instead of fighting its fluctuations. 

I teach FEMM for family planning not only because it's an integral part of my faith, but also because it works! I believe in the dignity of the human person and our God-given design. I love that we can use fertility awareness as a tool for health as well as discernment. 

As a practicing Catholic, using natural family planning is an important component of my faith and my marriage. My husband and I have successfully used FEMM for both avoiding and achieving pregnancy. 

The beauty of using your cycle as a foundation for your health and family planning is that you learn to work with your fertility, not against it. 

There's a better way for couples to plan their family!

On average, women have a fertile window that lasts about 7-10 days in a normal 28-32 day cycle. Certain qualities of a woman's biomarkers change to support sperm survival & a potential pregnancy. Outside of this time each cycle, there is no opportunity for pregnancy. 

The natural, hormonal fluctuations that occur in your monthly cycle are reliably monitored with the FEMM fertility awareness method that is up to 98% effect for avoiding pregnancy.

You're probably thinking...

"This sounds great, but how do I chart my cycles to know how to implement this?!"

Don't worry. I've got you. This workshop teaches you how to chart your cycles with the FEMM fertility awareness method.

Now you're wondering, "What is FEMM and what is fertility awareness??" 

FEMM is a comprehensive women's health program with a two-pronged approach to health. The first prong is fertility education. You learn how to chart your reproductive cycles so you can be an informed participant in your healthcare. 

The second prong is medical management. FEMM trains providers in their medical management protocols so they can evaluate, diagnose, and treat reproductive concerns at the root of the issue. 

The FEMM protocol can be used for both health and family planning. This workshop teaches you both! You'll learn charting for health and how to apply that information to your unique cycle and family planning goals. 

Don't just take my word for it.

Here's what some of my clients have to say!

"Fantastic teacher! Mairead is very patient, knowledgeable, and supportive. So glad I took her class!" 

"Definitely a helpful experience for me in our journey toward having another child. Mairead is so knowledgeable and thorough in her approach and responsive to all my questions and concerns!"

"I recently took a review course on Natural Family Planning with Mairead. She was thorough, thoughtful, kind and very knowledgeable. She was wonderful to connect with and I would recommend her to anyone looking to take control of their reproductive and overall health."

The course includes

5 engaging modules [$1200 value]

6+ hours of  in-depth video content [$800 value]

Module Quizzes [$50 value]

3 Private Chart Reviews, 30 minutes each [$150 value]

Handouts [$100 value]:

Charting Tips Guides

Cervical Mucus Guides

LH Testing Guide 

Basal Body Temperature Guide

Progesterone Monitoring Guide

Femtech Infographic

SETS Guide

FEMM Family Planning Guide

Practice Charts + Homework + Homework Keys

FEMM App Instructions + Export Instructions

Community feature to continue learning & connecting with like-minded women & professionals (coming April 2022)

Discounts & connections to other wellness professionals for support in optional next steps.

Total value: $2300

Get it today for $200

What's in each module?

  • Module 1: FEMM Intro

    Welcome to the world of fertility awareness and the FEMM protocol. In this intro you'll understand why your cycle biomarkers are a sign of health. You'll hear how charting plays a role in you being an informed participant in your healthcare. You'll also get to hear my story of how I got started charting and became certified to teach fertility awareness.

  • Module 2: FEMM Beginner

    Let me take you through the basics of charting with the FEMM protocol. In the first session I'll go over charting best practices, the biomarkers of the cycle, ovulation as a vital sign of the cycle, and so much more. Get started forming your charting habit! You'll walk away from this lesson ready to observe your biomarkers daily.

  • Module 3: FEMM Expert

    In this module I will reinforce what has already been covered and build on that information. I'll teach you about how to break the cycle down into phases, cover LH testing, and talk about red flags of the cycle. After this session, you'll be confident in your ability to determine cycle patterns and if what you're experiencing is normal.

  • Module 4: FEMM Family Planning

    Now that you've learned how to chart, recognize cycle patterns, monitor for red flags, and so on, let's apply this to your family planning goals. Learn the rules of the protocol beginning from "I'm new to charting" to "This is second nature." Understand how unique circumstances (coming off of HBC, breastfeeding, etc) may affect your charts and patterns.

  • Module 5: The Basics of Syncing

    As the cherry on top, I'm going to cover the concept of syncing your cycles with multiple areas of your life: self care, lifestyle, nutrition, and exercise. Many women who've applied this information say it's life changing and revolutionary; myself included. This concept will have you wondering why you haven't tried this sooner!

  • Survey & Next Steps

    You've reached the finish line! Here I will tie up loose ends with a survey and some next steps. I want to make sure that you're satisfied with the content and I've covered as much as possible. If you're someone who might need more support after this course, I'll connect you to FEMM, myself, or other wellness professionals who may be able to help.

You've got options!

Lifetime course access vs 6 month subscription

Course Content

  • 1

    FEMM Intro

    • Welcome!

    • Learn about the FEMM protocol

    • Disclaimer

    • Tips for a successful charting journey!

  • 2

    FEMM Beginner

    • FEMM Beginner Presentation

    • Quiz: Beginner

    • Charting Tips

    • Cervical Mucus Signs

    • Beginner Homework & Homework Key

    • FEMM Paper Charts for Printing

    • How to use the FEMM App

    • FEMM Health Form for Chart Reviews: IMPORTANT

  • 3

    FEMM Expert

    • FEMM Expert Presentation

    • Quiz: Expert

    • Cervical Mucus Signs

    • Expert Homework & Homework Key

    • LH testing, Basal body temperature, Progesterone monitoring, & Femtech

    • BBT Charting Intro Video

  • 4

    FEMM Family Planning

    • FEMM Family Planning Presentation

    • Quiz: Family Planning

    • Family Planning Protocol Instructions

    • Family Planning Homework & Homework Key

    • Postpartum Charting

    • The Intention Scale Workbook

  • 5

    The Basics of Syncing Your Life with Your Cycle

    • Sync Up! Apply Your Cycle Data to Your Life

    • Quiz: Syncing with Your Cycle

    • Sync Up! Ebook

  • 6

    Chart Reviews & Next Steps

    • Certificate of Completion

    • Chart Reviews & Medical Support

    • What's Next? Discount Codes & Other Offerings

    • Please, leave me your feedback & a review!

  • 7

    The Lumina Community

    • Take me to the Community!

More raving fans!

5 star rating

Great course!

Hannah Snoozy

Definitely a great course so much knowledge learned! worth the money!

Definitely a great course so much knowledge learned! worth the money!

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I use this program on hormonal birth control?

    If you're on HBC or a hormonal IUD, you are not experiencing natural fluctuations in hormones. Your cycle hormones are replaced by synthetic ones that do not allow your body to produce the same hormones that you'd see in a normal, reproductive cycle. The information in this program may still be helpful, but won't be applicable in the same way, as you are not cycling naturally. You need to be off of HBC to use fertility awareness for family planning.

  • What charting protocol do you teach?

    I teach and use the FEMM fertility awareness protocol. It's an incredible program with an educational piece (learning to chart) and a medical management piece. Women can connect with healthcare providers who are trained through FEMM's medical management program. These providers use your cycle data to help evaluate, diagnose, and treat any reproductive concern.

  • Can I use this program with an irregular cycle?

    Yes. While it is more challenging to chart your cycle when it's irregular, it's definitely possible to use this information. Depending on how irregular your cycles are, this could help you discover root cause concerns that need to be addressed in order to restore normal physiological function in your reproductive system.

  • Is there any 1:1 support with this program?

    Yes. You will have unlimited email support from me and 3 private chart reviews (30 minutes each) included.

  • Do you teach this from a religious perspective?

    My Catholic religion shapes my world view. However, there are no formal religious beliefs shared in this course content. I do share the science of life beginning at conception.

  • Do you teach about other forms of birth control?

    I do not. Besides it being a matter of faith for me, using any other form of birth control (ie. withdrawal, condoms, diaphragm, spermicide, etc) means that you are no longer relying solely on fertility awareness to avoid pregnancy, but the birth control method of choice. Most instructors will only teach you how to use the fertility awareness method they are certified in.

  • What do we talk about in chart reviews?

    Besides your charts? Anything that pertains to your healthcare journey that you'd like me to weigh in on! I've talked with women about sleep habits, nutrition, exercise routines, lifestyle tips, and more. I can help you troubleshoot finding the right provider for your needs, as well. Just remember, I'm not a health coach so outside of reviewing charts and providing feedback, these sessions are like asking the opinion a knowledgable friend. Not medical advice!

This is what I've been searching for!

You've got options!

Lifetime course access vs 6 month subscription