Is this you?

You ever feel like no one in your circle gets it? Like you're figuring out this whole "holistic" lifestyle on your own? 

Or maybe the internet is overwhelming and social media is exhausting and you want off the ride, but you still want to connect with likeminded women!

Is there something telling you that your life is meant to be impactful, whether in your own little community or by sparking a world-wide movement?

Are you thirsting for knowledge and the means to create a sustainable, healthy lifestyle without busting your budget wide open? 

This is the place for you. 

The Lumina Community is a space where holistic health-minded women can come together to learn, grow, & connect via educational trainings, events, and challenges. 

What can you expect to find inside?

Take ownership of your health: Learn. Grow. Connect.

  • Community of holistic-health minded women seeking education & connection

  • Short video trainings on holistic health topics with action steps

  • Challenges for accountability & to help implement sustainable lifestyle shifts

  • "Ask a teacher" section for fertility awareness questions

  • Guest experts sharing their knowledge through trainings, events, & downloads

  • Discount codes to recommended products & services

  • User driven content - We want to hear from YOU!

Who's in charge of this space?

Meet the founder

Mairead Suthoff

Founder of Lumina Health Services

Certified FEMM fertility awareness educator & sports medicine athletic trainer. Passionate advocate for restorative reproductive health, holistic lifestyles, medical freedom, and informed consent.

Ginny Noce

BSN,RN, FEMM Certified Teacher

Ginny is a registered nurse who will be receiving her Master's degree in Functional Medicine and Nutrition this fall. She is also a Certified FEMM fertility awareness educator & has a passion for helping women to understand what their cycles indicate about their overall health.

The Layout

Here's a sneak peak.

  • The Course Section

    Inside is a course section where all the trainings will be held, as well as any downloads that pair with them to support you learning & implementing your knowledge. There's also a tour housed here so you can get comfortable with how the space is set up & find your way around.

  • The Community Space

    The course links you to the Community itself where all discussions on trainings will be held, you can connect with likeminded women, participate in challenges, check out any announcements, review products & services, find links to resources, and even more goodness.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to Foundations + the Lumina Community

    • First things first...

    • An Intro to the Lumina Community

    • Meet Mairead

    • Meet Ginny

  • 2


    • FAM vs NFP + FEMM

    • Cycle Patterns: What They Indicate About Your Hormonal Health

    • Energy Availability: Calculate Your Unique Caloric Needs

    • How Nutrition Impacts Hormones

    • Find Your Farmer: Food Sourcing

    • How Light Impacts your Hormones

    • Sync Your Cycle & Your Life with Megan Faller

  • 3

    The Community Space

    • Take me to the Community!

In case you didn't know...

These courses come with 6 month's worth of Community access! (Yes, that means free!)

  • $150.00

    $150.00Charting for Health Course

    Learn to chart your cycles for health with the FEMM protocol.
    Buy Now
  • $200.00

    $200.00Family Planning Course

    Learn to chart your cycles for health & family planning with the FEMM protocol.
    Buy Now

A little more about me... Hi, I'm Mairead!

Founder of Lumina, ATC & FAE

I'm a former competitive Irish dancer trained in sports medicine and fertility awareness. I've taught over 200 women and couples FEMM for health, cycle based exercise, and family planning. I'm also a huge advocate for restorative reproductive health, holistic lifestyles, informed consent, & medical freedom.

I teach FEMM for health because it supports the normal, physiological processes of the reproductive system: ovulation, conception, and pregnancy. 

Cycle-based living & exercise (see my course Sync Up!) is the cherry on top! By paying attention to how your hormones affect your energy, moods, and interests, you can plan your life in a way that supports your cycle instead of fighting its fluctuations. 

FEMM allowed me to easily navigate some of my own health concerns. Personally, I dealt with missing periods, irregular cycles, anovulation, extreme pain and fatigue, as well as potential infertility. Through charting, I was able to guide my body back to healthy, ovulatory cycles with the support of skilled practitioners. 

Wanna know the best part? I was able to see, in real time, the changes that supplements and lifestyle habits were making on my health! That's the power of charting! 

I teach FEMM for family planning, not only because it's an integral part of my faith, but also because it works! I believe in the dignity of the human person and our God-given design. I love that we can use fertility awareness as a tool for health as well as discernment. 

The beauty of using your cycle as a foundation for your health and family planning is that you learn to work with your fertility, not against it. 

Don't be shy!

Join the Lumina Community today.