What if I told you that you've been working out all wrong?

Hear me out.

The majority of exercise programs are created with male physiology in mind. 

But you're a female! Your physiological makeup is completely different from your male counterparts. 

The natural, hormonal fluctuations that occur in your monthly cycle change in your mood, energy, & performance in the gym.

But those changes aren't reflected in a typical exercise program. Instead, the typical program is designed for you to go, go, go every day you can. 

As a result...

You've fallen off the exercise wagon more times than you can count.

You've binge eaten around your period because you feel like giving up is easier than figuring out why your body is craving more food. 

You've cursed your body for "failing" you & your (probably) unrealistic goals. 

You've used exercise as a punishment or to cancel out poor choices, instead of as a means of supporting your health. 

Oftentimes your exercise routine makes you feel

Burned out. Uninspired. Directionless. Exhausted. Unhealthy.

Here's what you should be asking yourself.

What if I had a healthy relationship with exercise? 

What if I was taught how to exercise to support my feminine design?

What if I learned how to support my cycle while going after my exercise goals? 

What if I knew how different types of exercise would help me accomplish my goals? 

What if I knew how to prioritize different nutrients depending on my cycle phase? 

What if I knew how to calculate my body's caloric needs with a simple formula?

What if I had tools to avoid major injuries and watch out for red flags in my cycle? 

What if I knew how to workout with my female physiology instead of against it?

Hi, I'm Mairead!


I'm a former competitive Irish dancer trained in sports medicine and fertility awareness.

After my competition days were over, I went through a period of time wondering what type of relationship I was going to have with exercise. 

I found my groove through multiple programs, only to lose it when my period or PMS rolled around. Then I discovered the concept of cycle based exercise and everything changed. 

I know what it's like to feel like each program you start is not suited to your natural fluctuations in energy. 

I know how hard it is to feel like you're always slogging through workouts around your period, wishing you didn't have to check it off your to do list. (Type A here!)

The beauty of using your cycle as a foundation for your exercise routine is that you don't have to worry about burning out anymore. You can learn to give yourself grace and go with your flow.

There's a new way for women to exercise!

For far too long we women have been matching our exercise habits to that of our male counterparts by following the same routine day in, day out. 

We've mustered through workout programs created for men and their 24 hour testosterone cycle.

We've believed we should wake up with the same amount of energy and desire to exercise every day of our cycle. 

We've suffered with bloating and cravings and punished ourselves with overexercising when we've submitted to our cravings. 

We've fallen off the wagon when our period rolls around. 

This doesn't have to be our story anymore! 

We can workout in a way that supports our menstrual cycle and our overall health. 

After years of experimentation and research, I created this course to help you do just that!

Welcome to the world of cycle based exercise! 

The course includes

5 engaging modules [$800 value]

3 hours of video content [$300 value]

Sync Up! Ebook [$50 value]

Private Facebook group + Bonus Trainings [$150 value]

Handouts [$50 value]:

Phases + Hormones + Activity Guide

Healthy Goals Questionnaire

Smart Goals Guide

Exercise Options Guide

Energy Availability Formula + Guide

Food is Fuel Guide

Sleep Habits Guide

Formula for Cycle Based Exercise Guide

Reflections Page

Additional Resources Page

Discounts & connections to other wellness professionals for support in optional next steps.

Total value: $1350

Get it today for $97

What's in each module?

  • Module 1: Instructions & Introductions

    Welcome to Sync Up! Let me walk you through how to use the contents of the course to implement cycle based exercise. You'll learn exactly what to expect from this program. I'll share with you a little more about me and my story with charting & cycle based exercise. I'll introduce you to my proposal of a new exercise routine. Let's find out how this information can change your life!

  • Module 2: Hormones & Your Cycle

    Have you heard about the infradian rhythm? Let's talk about it. In this module I will cover the main hormones in your natural cycle and how they affect your energy, mood, and performance. I'll talk about how your muscles, soft tissue, and overall female physiology change in response to dominant hormones. I'll cover stress and how it affects your cycle, general exercise suggestions for each phase, and more.

  • Module 3: Building a Cycle Based Exercise Routine

    Here's a healthy portion of meat & potatoes in the program. In this module I cover the main pillars of an exercise program + the energy systems of the body and when they are used in exercise. I give you examples of exercise in each pillar. I talk about common terms used in an exercise program so we're on the same page. I even cover how to establish healthy goals! It's so important to have a baseline direction for your exercise routine, even if it's just for health maintenance.

  • Module 4: Implementation

    Now that I've talked about the hormones of the cycle, how you're affected by hormonal fluctuations, general exercise suggestions, exercise pillars, female physiology as it pertains to injuries, and all the rest, let's put it into practice! I'll talk about my formula for creating your cycle based exercise routine. I'll also cover bonus material like how to vary your intensity for a strength training & running and the basics of how to create a strength training routine! Finally, I'll ask and answer practical questions to implementing this information.

  • Module 5: Fuel, Recover, Repeat

    Here I touch on nutrition and why focusing on nutrient dense food is more important that calories. You'll learn about the concept of energy availability and get a formula to help determine your unique energy needs. I'll talk about recovering from exercise through rest, sleep, and restorative techniques. I also cover how to avoid common female injuries with basic training tips. Wondering when and why you might be more susceptible to things like fractures and dehydration? Here's where you'll learn that.

  • Final Thoughts & Next Steps

    You've reached the finish line! Here I will tie up loose ends with some final thoughts, next steps, and a survey. I want to make sure that you're satisfied with the content and I've covered as much as possible. If you're someone who's wanting more support after this course, I'll connect you to other wellness professionals who can guide you through nutritional and/or exercise plans.

Course Content

  • 1

    Instructions & Introductions

    • How to Use Sync Up! Exercise & Your Cycles Mini-Course

    • Disclaimer

    • Steps to Success

    • Intro & What to Expect

    • Sync Up! Exercise & Your Cycles Ebook

  • 2

    Hormones & Your Cycle

    • Infradian Rhythm & Hormones 101

    • Cycle Phases & Movement Suggestions

    • Quiz: Hormonal Activity, Phases, General Exercise Suggestions

  • 3

    Building a Cycle Based Exercise Routine

    • Creating Healthy Goals

    • Energy Systems

    • The Four Primary Exercise Pillars

    • Applying the Exercise Pillars to the Cycle

    • Quiz: Exercise Pillars & Goal Setting

  • 4


    • Implementation & My Formula

    • Practical Questions

    • Bonus Lesson: Varying Intensity in Resistance Training & Running

    • Bonus Lesson: Movement Patterns in Strength Training

  • 5

    Fuel, Recover, Repeat

    • Fuel Your Body: Nutrition 101

    • How To: Energy Availability Guide

    • How To: www.acaloriecalculator.com

    • Sleep & Recovery Habits

    • Is Exercising Always Healthy?

    • Avoiding Injuries and Major Cycle Concerns

    • Quiz: Fueling for & Recovering from Exercise

  • 6

    Next Steps & Survey

    • Wrapping Up

    • Next Steps

    • Please, leave me your feedback & a review!

See what others are saying...

Don't just take my word for it. This is what other women who've taken the course have said.

5 star rating

Incredible Course

Kyra Andersen

The course is incredibly detailed and thorough. Mairead is knowledgeable and clear in her presentations and texts. The information and worksheets allow for the opportunity to create a very personal experience and immediately apply new ideas to you...

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The course is incredibly detailed and thorough. Mairead is knowledgeable and clear in her presentations and texts. The information and worksheets allow for the opportunity to create a very personal experience and immediately apply new ideas to your daily health and fitness.

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5 star rating

Sync UP! Is a fantastic resource for EVERY woman!

Catherine Moreno

So complete, easy to understand, but well formatted, researched and delivered! Highly recommend for ANY woman looking to better understand her training & cycle!

So complete, easy to understand, but well formatted, researched and delivered! Highly recommend for ANY woman looking to better understand her training & cycle!

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is this an exercise program?

    This program will not give you an exercise routine to follow. This is an educational program that will teach you the what, why, and how of cycle based exercise. You'll leave with a thorough understanding of how your cycle affects your athletic performance and why you should switch up your routine through intensity, recovery, and nutrition to match each cycle phase. You'll understand basic exercise physiology, how different types of exercise affect your body, and get general suggestions for types of exercise in each phase.

  • Will this course help me (*insert exercise goal* lose weight, regain my period, get strong, etc)

    Yes, but you still have to put in the work! You can use this course to create a routine from scratch based on the 4 fundamental pillars each & every routine should have! However, this course is not an exercise program in and of itself. You will need to use this information and apply it to exercise that you enjoy. There is also the option to work with another professional to help you reach your goals! This course WILL give you the tools to understand how your cycle affects your exercise abilities and what you can do to support yourself so you can still achieve your goals.

  • Can I use this program on hormonal birth control?

    If you're on HBC or a hormonal IUD, you are not experiencing natural fluctuations in hormones. Your cycle hormones are replaced by synthetic ones that do not allow your body to produce the same hormones that you'd see in a normal, reproductive cycle. The information in this program may still be helpful, but won't be applicable in the same way, as you are not cycling naturally.

  • Will this program teach me to chart my cycle?

    The course will only teach you how to apply cycle based exercise concepts to your charts! It is recommended that you've learned a fertility awareness charting protocol from a certified instructor before doing the mini course. I do have charting workshops available as well. You can learn to chart with the FEMM protocol for health and/or family planning!

  • Where can I learn more about charting?

    See my other workshop offerings or check my website www.luminahealthservices.com You can also shoot me an email with any questions! (email: teacher@luminahealthservices.com)

  • What charting protocol do you teach?

    I teach and use the FEMM fertility awareness protocol. It's an incredible program with an educational piece (learning to chart) and a medical management piece. Women can connect with healthcare providers who are trained through FEMM's medical management program. These providers use your cycle data to help evaluate, diagnose, and treat any reproductive concern.

  • Can I use this program with an irregular cycle?

    Yes. While it is more challenging to sync your exercise to your cycle when it's irregular, it's definitely possible to use this information. Depending on how irregular your cycles are, this could help mitigate some of your concerns because you'll naturally be tuning in to your body's needs more.

  • Is there any 1:1 support with this program?

    No. You will find some support and other like minded women in the private Facebook group, but there are no private chart reviews or meetings with Mairead included.

  • Who is this course for? Who is it not for?

    THIS COURSE IS FOR: Women who are looking for education on syncing their exercise with their cycle. Women who want to discover how to make their exercise program work for them based on their unique cycles. Women who want a basic understanding of exercise physiology so they can create their own exercise plan based on major pillars of exercise + their own cycle data. THIS COURSE IS NOT FOR: Women who want a very personalized, done-for-them exercise plan. Women who need 1:1 support & accountability to create an exercise routine that works for them.(Although there are professionals listed in the program who can provide this type of support!) Women who have no interest in charting their cycles to be in tune with their hormonal fluctuations.

This is what I've been searching for!